Exercise At Home With No Equipment Needed

For most of the U.S. it has been a very cold snowy  winter. Many others have no good gym access. So does that mean you can’t get a good workout? Nope.

This chart has a bunch of great exercises you can do with no equipment at all, but it gets better….


At the link below you can click on this chart and you instantly see a video of how to do each exercise. Enjoy!

Added Sugar Can Be Deadly Regardless Of Body Weight


The Journal of The American Medical Association (JAMA) published a post about added sugar in the diet and increased heart disease. Added sugar can be harming your heart even if your waistline is staying slim. Don’t shorten your life, avoid packaged foods that have one of the following listed as an ingredient:

  • Agave Nectar
  • Barley Malt Syrup
  • Beet Sugar
  • Brown Rice Syrup
  • Brown Sugar
  • Cane Crystals or Cane Juice Crystals
  • Cane Sugar
  • Coconut Sugar, or Coconut Palm Sugar
  • Corn sweetener
  • Corn syrup, or corn syrup solids
  • Dehydrated Cane Juice
  • Dextrin
  • Dextrose
  • Evaporated Cane Juice
  • Fructose
  • Fruit juice concentrate
  • Glucose
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Honey
  • Invert sugar
  • Lactose
  • Maltodextrin
  • Malt syrup
  • Maltose
  • Maple syrup
  • Molasses
  • Palm Sugar
  • Raw sugar
  • Rice Syrup
  • Saccharose
  • Sorghum or sorghum syrup
  • Sucrose
  • Syrup
  • Treacle
  • Turbinado Sugar
  • Xylose

Even” No added sugars” might not be accurate… check the labels!

CBS News does a good job of summarizing the JAMA article in simple terms….  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/study-too-much-sugar-is-linked-to-fatal-heart-disease/

The original article can be found here…. http://archinte.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1819573

Photo: Kidayo

A 17min Stretch-Exercise Routine For Low Back Pain

We all know there is a lot of information on the the internet.

Some true. Some False.

Some good advice.  Some bad advice.

When I came across this low back pain exercise routine I was impressed. This is obviously a professional who is using proper and safe technique. I wake up some mornings and do this routine while still in bed. Give it a try and  see how your back feels.display image

See the video here!